About Us

www.studybridge.org aims to solve the oversea education market mass in China.

Our vision:
- To make the communication more transparent among foreign universities/colleges/schools and Chinese applicants/parents
- To make positive influence to Chinese students and help them to prepare well before they go oversea education
- To enhance the understandings between foreign education providers and Chinese applicants

Our mission:
- To provide translated oversea study information to Chinese students/parents
- To forward translated questions from Chinese applicants to oversea universities/colleges/schools admission staff
- To help the promotion of foreign education partners in Chinese markets

Studybrige is a non-profit project initiated by Fanfan International Education Studio since 2013.  Studybridge publishes correct Chinese information for our education partners, most of the translations and service will be provided by Chinese university volunteers.  Studybridge will not charge any fee to Chinese students/parents for getting oversea education information, also will not do any fake application for our Chinese applicants.

Studybridge will work with our oversea education partners continually to help them to get high quality and right Chinese applicants. Studybridge will also help Chinese applicants and their families to have the right understanding of oversea education. Studybridge will help to make good choices for both oversea education partners and Chinese students.

Service provided by Studybridge:
- Online promotion for oversea education partners in most popular search engine or social medias in China
- Event promotion through network of our Chinese schools, universities or bank partners
- Consulting service for oversea education programs' promotion in China

If you are oversea education program providers who are interested to get Chinese applicants in low cost but with high quality, please contact service@study.bridge for your request.